Made from brass with fine engravings, this beautifully crafted Rulermark from Tools to Liveby acts as both a bookmark and a ruler. (Hence, Rulermark!)

The Rulermark measures 18cm long and features a metric ruler with markings up to 12cm. Engraved on the back is the Tools to Liveby motto: "The uncommon beauty in common things." As the rulermark ages, the brass will develop a patina, adding to its uncommon beauty. 

Available as a right-handed tool (designed with the round part on the left) or as a left-handed one (round part on the right). 

Material: brass

Made by: Tools to Liveby

Made in: Taiwan

Specifications: 18cm (ruler is marked up to 12cm)

Further Reading: Plan on having your Rulermark for a long time — its solid brass construction means it's made to last. If patina isn't your thing, you can always remove it with a little brass polish and a soft cloth. 


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