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Makanai Stainless Steel Bowl Set 220

A good stainless steel mixing bowl is an essential tool in any kitchen. When you invest in one that's thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted, it will repay you with years of service. 

The word makanai means "to cook" in Japanese. It also means "unrolled". Unlike most conventional stainless steel mixing bowls, Conte's Makanai Stainless Steel Bowl is designed with a flat, unrolled edge. This seemingly inconsequential design element prevents food from getting stuck under the rolled edge, making for easier cleanup. It also allows the bowl to be compatible with the corresponding strainer and tray. 

Purchased on its own, the Makanai Bowl is ideal for mixing salads, batters, or combining other cooking ingredients. Paired with the Stainless Steel Flat Strainer, the bowl can be used for cleaning vegetables, straining soups, or draining tofu. 

We also offer a Stainless Steel Tray, which does double duty as a plate or lid. Used as a lid on the bowl, the tray creates the perfect vessel for proofing dough. It also takes the place of plastic wrap when storing food in the fridge. A lidded stainless steel bowl also makes a great countertop compost bin.

Pieces are sold separately.

Materials: stainless steel

Made by: conte

Made in: Japan


Bowl: 9"  x 5" h

Strainer: 9"  x 0.7" h

Tray: 9"  x 0.6" h


  • wash before use
  • dishwasher safe
  • do not use harsh abrasives or scouring pads as they may scratch the finish

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