Children's Art Pads

What's more satisfying for any artist than to turn the page of a sketchbook or drawing pad to a fresh sheet, blank and ready for doodles, drawings, and sketches? Give the artistic child in your life the same satisfaction with these art pads from Strathmore. 

Doodle Pad - an economical drawing paper for kids who love to draw or sketch with crayon, pen, pencil, or colored pencils

Marker Pad - bleed-resistant paper designed to accept coverage of felt-tipped markers

Sketchbook - a spiral-bound book for drawing with pencil, colored pencil, pen, or crayon

Materials: paper

Made by: Strathmore

Made in: USA


Doodle Pad - 60 sheets, 9" x 12"
Marker Pad - 30 sheets, 9" x 12" 
Sketchbook - 30 sheets, 12" x 12"

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