Back to School Kit

As purveyors of useful things, we take great satisfaction in finding quality products that will function as the daily tools of our lives – basics like sturdy pencils, good writing materials, and reliable pens and markers. As we prepare ourselves or our children for a new year of learning, there’s no better time to do a good restock or replenishment of these indispensable tools. 

We’ve long thought it would be helpful to assemble a collection of back-to-school essentials to give our customers an alternative to tirelessly scouring the aisles of big-box stores for picked-over school supplies. 

So we collected as many school supply lists as we could get our hot little hands on and put together this back-to-school kit that we think should check off most everything on your list. 

In each kit, we'll include:

- (3 Ring) Binder 

- Wide Rule Lined Refill Paper

- 3 Paper Pocket Folders

- 2 Spiral Notebooks

- Marker Paper Pad

- Erasable Colored Markers

- Colored Pencils

- Crayola Crayons, 24 Pack

- Pencil Box

- Stickers

- 3 Classic Ticonderoga #2 Pencils

- Pink Eraser

- Pencil Sharpener

- 2 Ballpoint Pens

- Child Safe Scissors

- Calculator

- Wooden Ruler

- Glue Stick

- Highlighters, 4 Pack


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