Smudge Sampler Pack

Boston General Store

Our own sampler pack of assorted, handmade smudge sticks perfect for those who like a variety in their incense choice. Included are three small smudges of cedar, white sage and blue sage. All three plants have wonderful earthy aromas that perfectly deodorize your home or office.

Smudging is an age-old ritual practiced by indigenous American Natives to cleanse negativity out of the atmosphere and restore positive energy. Today, while some people still use it for spiritual purposes, smudge sticks can be used by folks who simply enjoy burning herbs and plants to scent their personal spaces with beautiful fragrances.

To use: light one end, blowing the flame out after it catches. Let the burning sage stick smolder, releasing a relaxing scent and purifying the air in the room. Distinguish into a bowl with sand for safety. Relight as needed. 

Materials: Wildcrafted dried sage, cedar, wrapped in organic cotton strings

Made by: Boston General Store

Made in: USA

Specifications: 3 smudges

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