Noble Series Soy Candle

Manready Mercantile

Soy candles made in small batches using high-quality essential oils and hand poured into a traditional whiskey rocks glass. The product that helped build Manready Mercantile.

After the candle is finished, pop it in the freezer for a couple of hours to easily remove the leftover wax. Clean with soap and hot water and re-use the glass for your wintertime whiskey by the fire.

Materials: Clean burning soy wax*, all-natural essential oils, cotton wick and re-usable whiskey glass.

Made by: Manready Mercantile

Made in: Houston, TX

Specifications: 7 oz. (40 hour burn time)

Bergamot + Teak: A light but complex scent with notes of citrus, teakwood and tobacco

Cedar + Sage:  Bitter, woodsy but somber scent with notes moss and leather

Frankincense + Orange: woody and citrusy scent.  notes of orange, bay leaf and musk

Lemon + Verbena: clean, sweet and light.  floral and citrusy notes

*Soy wax burns clean unlike petroleum wax, so it won't leave a soot or carcinogens in the air. For best results, allow the wax to form a puddle before turning off. Trim the wick to about 1/4" before every burn.


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