Nomad Travel Iced Tea Maker

Paper and Tea

The Nomad Bottle is a sleek glass bottle for your tea that allows for multiple tea infusions on the go. This double-walled tea bottle is made with heat resistant glass that allows you to see exactly what you are brewing. Two glass chambers are interconnected with a stainless steel filter that prevents tea from over-steeping.

Conveniently designed with a drip-free lid and an easy-to-clean construction, the Nomad is the new essential daily accessory for urban travelers and intrepid tea connoisseurs.

Materials: glass and stainless steel

Made by: Paper and Tea

Made in: China

Specifications: Insulated glass bottle for brewing and drinking tea on the go. Holds: 240 ml. Height: 22 cm, Diameter: 6.5 cm. Dishwasher safe. 

Use: Place a portion of tea into the small chamber and screw on the strainer Add hot water to the larger chamber and connect all parts together Slowly tip the bottle upside down to steep tea To stop steeping, slowly tip the bottle back upright.

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