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Traveler's Notebook Refills

Customize your Traveler's Notebook with an extensive collection of paper refills and add-ons. From essentials like Lined, Grid and Blank paper to unique additions like Sketch paper and Weekly or Monthly planners.

Buying a new journal is an investment, and as a writer it can be impossible to find a notebook that fits all of your needs. Traveler's leather notebooks are ideal because they are well-made, refillable journals with a fully customizable interior, meaning they can be built to fit the needs of each person. Whether a professional or casual writer, Traveler's Notebooks are the perfect investment for anyone who spends their day or travels putting pen to paper. 

Lined, Grid, Blank, Sketch, Kraft: 64 pages, saddle stitched 

Lightweight: 128 pages, saddle stitched 

Weekly28 weeks (half year), monthly pages, sewn bound

Weekly Memo28 weeks (half year), monthly pages, sewn bound

Monthly: 14 months, extra blank pages, world map, sewn bound

Dot Grid: 64 pages, saddle stitched

Shop Traveler's Notebook Add-ons & Refills to fully customize your travel journal. 

Materials: paper

Made by: Traveler's Company

Made in: Japan 

Specifications:  4.25" W; 8.25" H

*Note: Not for use in Traveler's Passport Notebook* 

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