The Swag Veggie Bag

The Swag Veggie Bag keeps your produce crisp and fresh for longer than disposable plastic bags, meaning less waste and more time to enjoy your veggies, fruits, and greens. Available in three sizes, these reusable bags are meant to be gently dampened, filled with produce, and placed in the crisper of your refrigerator. The multi-layered unbleached cotton will keep your produce in the ideal conditions to stay crisp and fresh for two weeks, on average.

Each size can hold any kind of fruit or vegetable, however The Long Swag is designed to store longer veggies like celery, spinach and leeks. If it doesn't fit in the crisper, no worries - it can be stored in the main compartment of the fridge! 

Made by: The Swag

Materials: 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton


  • Machine-Washable (cold water)
  • Color-Coded Trim for easy organization
  • Non-Toxic/Chemical-Free
  • 100% Compostable (excluding care label)
  • Ethical & Fair-Trade (SEDEX)
  • Comes with a "How To" Information Booklet
  • Small: Width: 14.5" x Height: 15" (37cm x 38cm) (opened up, including flap height), Height: 9.5" (24cm) with flap closed
  • Long: Width: 20.5" x Height: 15" (52cm x 38cm) (opened up, flap open) or Height: 9.5" (24cm) with flap closed
  • Large: Width: 16.5" x Height: 20.5" (42cm x 52cm) (opened up, flap open) or 15" (38cm) with flap closed


  1. Machine wash before use.
  2. Dampen Swags under the tap & wring out excess water.
  3. Pack fruit, veggies & leafy greens into your Swags
  4. Place in the crisper of the fridge.
  5. BOOM! Enjoy 2 weeks or more of freshness (on average).

    Every two or three weeks, turn inside out, and cold machine wash preferably with a non-toxic detergent. Dry in full sun if possible. And repeat!

    Further Reading: How to properly store your vegetables using your Swag produce bag


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