Upstate Stock

Ragg Wool and Leather Gloves

Upstate Stock's Ragg Wool Gloves are 100% USA-made from American ragg wool. These gloves are warm but lightweight, with 2.5 ounce deerskin palms. Upstate Stock cuts their own deerskin in Brooklyn and attaches them to the gloves using a century-old Singer chain-stitch post bed machine. 

All cuff hems are sewn with an elastic thread to help retain cuff shape even after washing. 

Materials: 85% USA ragg wool, 15% USA nylon, 2.5 ounce deerskin

Made by: Upstate Stock

Made in: Knitted in Upstate, NY and finished in Brooklyn, NY

Care: Hand wash with wool detergent and lay flat to dry. 

"Upstate Stock was born out of the simple fact that American manufacturing of the highest quality is still out there, the same manufacturing from decades ago that is both at a standard that very few countries can match, but also affordable. Over the last few decades, there has been a stark decrease in all areas of American manufacturing; factories and mills that were once thriving are now disappearing. Why were the factories that once made our jeans, shirts, and accessories for decades and upon decades going out of business? Why was there more “made in America” clothing over the last few years and fewer and fewer of the factories that were once the backbone of a country that was the benchmark in clothing manufacturing?  The standard of American manufacturing had decreased significantly. Are there still factories out there in the US that can make goods to the standard American manufacturing was known for? The answer is a resounding yes…lots of them…still plugging away after decades and decades, and they are affordable." -Bram from Upstate Stock

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