Large Whiskey Stones, Set of 2

Hand crafted in Vermont, in the oldest soapstone workshop in the country, these whiskey stones allow you to chill your post-work drink to the perfect temperature without diluting with ice cubes. Soapstone is a naturally soft stone that doesn't absorb liquids, which is why it's often used to manufacture food-safe counter tops. Add a stone to your dram and enjoy. 

Materials: soapstone

Made by: Teroforma

Made in: Vermont

Specifications: (2) 1-3/8" cubes in a drawstring muslin storage bag

Use: Store in freezer for at least 4 hours before use. Add 1 MAX stone to a glass. Pour until liquid has reached the height of 1 stone (about 2 fl oz). Let stand 5 minutes. Enjoy. Rinse and air dry following every use, storing in the freezer for next time.

Please note, Whisky Stones are not designed to chill larger volume drinks.

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