Traveler's Notebook Refill Binder

Traveler's Company

A binder crafted with steel clasps and metal corners, made from condensed kraft paper to hold up to five past refills from your Traveler's Notebook. A key feature of the Traveler's Notebook is the ability to restock paper once you've filled its pages with notes, memories, and more. But you need a place to store all of those already-written thoughts so you can return to read them at a later time. Don't throw your pages wisdom away, store them in this refill binder to keep for a lifetime. 

Shop Traveler's Notebook Add-ons & Refills to fully customize your travel journal. 

Materials: paper, steel

Made by: Traveler's Company

Made in: Japan

Specifications:  5" W; 9" H; 1" L

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