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EcoCoconut Kitchen Cleaning Brush

EcoCoconut’s Kitchen Cleaning Brush is a sustainable alternative to plastic-based kitchen brushes. The bristles are made from sustainably farmed coconut husks and the handle comes from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified rubber trees. Made entirely with biodegradable materials, you can rest assured that once this sturdy brush has served its purpose, it won't spend hundreds of years in a landfill. 

Each brush is designed to make quick work of clean-up. The long handle makes it easy to get into tough-to-reach places, and the stiff bristles break up stuck-on food and grease. Naturally antibacterial, the coconut husk fibers are also free from toxic chemicals and are gentle enough to use on most kitchenware.* 

Like all EcoCoconut products, this brush supports a zero-waste, plastic-free lifestyle without sacrificing functionality. Furthermore, EcoCoconut product packaging and shipping materials are 100% free from plastic, including labels and tape.

Materials:  coconut husks, rubber wood

Made by:  EcoCoconut

Made in:  Sri Lanka

Specifications:  9.5" long 

*Test all surfaces for scratching. Although EcoCoconut products are labeled non-scratch, some soft or lower-quality plastics may scratch easily.  

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